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Army & Coop 2018 (HD)

Army & Coop 2018 - Full (HD)

Army & Coop

Plot Summary

Mike "Army" Armstrong is a grizzled, veteran NHL enforcer who's completely lost his way in life. He's a down-and-out drunk with a severe fetish for redheads. He's a sexist pig who gets suspended from the NHL for kicking the crap out his coach on live TV. While waiting for the final word from his agent regarding his reinstatement, Army loses Jen, the love of his life, and finds himself living on campus with a bunch of college kids. His only real allegiance is to his trusty dog, Cooper, a tired English Bulldog with a severe under-bite. During the off-season (and during his suspension) Army's a part-time bartender at Mudrock's Tap and Tavern, a bar owned by Jen's father. On this day, Army works the bar while Jen, who now clearly hates him, waits tables. Rich, Jen's new boyfriend and Army's arch nemesis, is also on staff as the talent-less lounge singer. Over the course of one shift, Army loses his dog Cooper, gets dropped by his long-time agent, and watches Jen accept Rich's proposal of …
Director: Dennis Hefter
Running time: 1h 24min
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 8 March 2018 (USA)
Cast: Heath C. Heine, Cali June, Ben Hilzer, Gary J. Neuger, Gary John Miller, Trevor Wilson



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