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Dietland 2018: Season 1 (10/10)

Dietland 2018: Season 1 - Full (5/10)
American comedy series
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Based on Sarai Walker’s best-selling novel of the same name, “Dietland” offers a darkly comedic look at the war of the sexes. The series explores a multitude of issues women face today — including patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture and unrealistic beauty standards — by following Plum Kettle’s journey to self-awakening. A ghostwriter for the editor of one of New York’s hottest fashion magazines, Plum has waged a lifelong battle with her image. Fed up, she turns to weight-loss surgery but ends up in the middle of two rival feminist factions — one that may be responsible for the attacks on male harassers, and the other that preaches female empowerment. As she straddles the two groups, Plum must decide what part she plays in a wildly complicated, changing world.
First episode dateJune 4, 2018
No. of episodes4 (list of episodes)

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