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Quantum of Solace 2008 (HD)

Quantum of Solace 2008 - Full (HD)
    Quantum of Solace
    2008 film
    Following the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond (Daniel Craig) makes his next mission personal. The hunt for those who blackmailed his lover leads him to ruthless businessman Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a key player in the organization which coerced Vesper. Bond learns that Greene is plotting to gain total control of a vital natural resource, and he must navigate a minefield of danger and treachery to foil the plan.
    Release dateNovember 14, 2008 (USA)
    Running time1h 47m
    Daniel Craig (James Bond)

    Daniel Craig

    James Bond
    Olga Kurylenko (Camille Montes)

    Olga Kurylenko

    Camille Montes
    Gemma Arterton (Agent Strawberry Fields)

    Gemma Arterton

    Agent Strawberry Fields
    Mathieu Amalric (Dominic Greene)

    Mathieu Amalric

    Dominic Greene



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